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Added: 21 Jan 2008
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I regularly drive my elderly mother to and from the hospital. She struggles to climb in and out of my current car, a VW Polo, as it's quite low down. Can you recommend a car that is easy for an elderly person to climb in and out of? I have around £10k to spend but I'd like something that looks good and has a bit of zest!
Adam Badawy, London, UK


Hi Adam,

The important thing to keep in mind here is that old people love a little trip out. Take your Mum on a few test drives and let here try climbing in and out! Let the sales reps make a fuss of her.

You might like to try the Mazda 5. It’s quite high but the sliding door will also give very easy access through a wide door. Nissan’s QashQai is much higher, but not 4x4 high (which might be as bad?) so that could be a winner for you. But you will need to wait a year for the prices to come down to your budget.

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