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2005 Nissan Primera

- 10-10 YEARS

Looking to buy a 2005 Nissan Primera car? Used Car Expert has thousands of 2005 Nissan cars for sale from 2005 Nissan car dealers and private sellers across the UK.

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Used Nissan Primera 2002 – Buyer’s Guide

Why buy a Used Nissan Primera?

The Primera is Nissan's often overlooked entrant in the highly crowded Mondeo/Vectra class. A very good car which hides under its slightly odd styling a massively practical, tough, comfy and quiet family car.

The lack of a prestige badge and peculiar styling coupled with plenty of fleet purchases has meant that prices are pretty soft in comparison to the opposition.

Which is the best used Nissan Primera?

Although prices for the petrol and diesel Primeras are roughly comparative. But the smaller petrol models will usually have a far lower average mileage.

The best compromise in the range is the 2.2 Diesel SVE spec. Lack of a substantial difference between the diesel and petrol models makes it sensible to opt for the diesel in terms of re-sale.

Fault Checks for the Nissan Primera

What should I aim to pay for an Nissan Primera?

The Primera is good value on the used market. Expect to pay around £6000 for a five year old 1.8 petrol with only 30,000 miles on the clock! A comparative diesel should be around the same but the mileage will be lower.

This car is no longer in production. Depreciation has peaked and should be a gentle curve for all models.

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