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2004 Toyota Auris

- 10-10 YEARS

Looking to buy a 2004 Toyota Auris car? Used Car Expert has thousands of 2004 Toyota cars for sale from 2004 Toyota car dealers and private sellers across the UK.

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Used Toyota Auris cars for sale
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Used Toyota Auris 2007 – Buyer’s Guide

Why buy a Used Toyota Auris?

Dull meaning good. The Auris is not going to set your pulse racing but then it's not meant to. Simple, unpretentious family transport that won't break, is safe and anonymous, the Auris is the opposite of bling. And quite right too.

Reliability, a superb warranty and a excellent safety score have kept prices firm but the Auris deserves it. An excellent range of engines, good handling and ride and great comfort make this a painless ownership prospect.

Which is the best used Toyota Auris?

There is a premium to pay for diesel motors with the Auris. At minimum it is going to be around £1500 as this is the difference between the 1.6 petrol and the 2.0 diesel. Go petrol and save some cash. The petrol motors really suit the cars refined nature.

The pick of the bunch here is the 1.6 petrol in mid ranking GS trim. The 1.3 petrol can feel underpowered in the Auris and the price difference is negligible. Similarly the 1.4 Diesel can struggle. The 2.2 diesel is fast but expensive to buy and insure.

Fault Checks for the Toyota Auris

What should I aim to pay for an Toyota Auris?

Pay £8800 for a three year old1.6 petrol GS with around 21,000 miles on the clock. A nearly new 2.2 diesel version of the same car with the 2.2 engine could cost up to twice as much!

The best time to buy is nearly new. Depreciation can run up to 29% on petrol models in the first year year.

Toyota Auris Price Guides

Toyota Auris For Sale Prices & Depreciation Trend

Toyota Auris Prices & Depreciation – Graph - Fuel differences

Used Car Expert recommends that you try to buy after a big drop in depreciation and before the next one, so with the current Toyota Auris you would aim to buy a 5 year old and sell it before it is 6 years old.

Diesel Toyota Auris cars lose most over the first year (from new to 1 year old), so that is the best ‘nearly new’ buy in terms of car for money.

Petrol Toyota Auris cars lose least between years 1 and 3, so this is the best buy if you want to keep the car for a while.

Petrol Toyota Auris cars lose least between years 2 and 4, so that is the best buy on older cars.

For advice on what to pay, see below and for more detailed depreciation and mileage & spec adjusted prices & graphs visit our price guide.

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2004 TOYOTA AURIS Faults & Problems:

Toyota Auris (2007 -) Fault Guide