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PORSCHE has been laughing all the way to the bank ever since it launched the Cayenne because it became the best-selling car in the firm’s history and sent profits into the stratosphere.

Diesel and SUV were probably dirty words for the sportscar maker previously but for a car like the Cayenne a three litre diesel borrowed from Audi makes perfect sense.

The big 4x4 has always had its detractors, and I personally think that its sister car the VW Touareg is better looking and better to drive,

But this year saw the launch of an all-new Cayenne which looks the part and a great deal of effort has gone into making it look like a Porsche.

The V6 diesel remains pretty much unchanged and feels pretty good, delivering 240bhp and an impressive 550Nm of torque.

It is exceptionally well insulated to keep noise to a minimum and the engineers have even managed to come up with a relatively tuneful engine note.

Performance is impressive, more so at low speeds than higher ones and although it isn’t in the same league as the petrol-powered models it has the same marvelous roadholding and a very good ride.

The sophisticated cockpit styling seen in the Panamera has been carried over to great effect and although the instruments and dash look like those of a Harrier jump-jet, everything falls well to hand.

Economy is up to almost 40mpg, which is hugely impressive, and Porsche says the eight speed automatic gearbox is more than enough for off-roading – not that many owners will even venture onto a grassy field!



Porsche Cayenne 3.0d V6


Price: £44,178

Mechanical:240bhp, 2,967cc, 6 cylinder diesel driving all four wheels via an 8 speed automatic gearbox

Max speed: 136mph

0-62mph: 7.8 seconds

Combined mpg: 38.2

Insurance group: 18

CO2 emissions: 195g/km

BiK rating: 31%

Warranty: 2yrs/ unlimited mileage

Marks: 9/10

Main rival:VW Touareg



Words: Peter Hayward

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