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Used Bentley Prices

We can give you accurate and adjusted used Bentley prices, whether you are buying, selling, or disputing a valuation with an insurance company.

Our used Bentley valuations are based on a unique car pricing algorithm and hundreds of thousands of lines of data, scaling factors and real-world checks.

Use the tool below to arrive at an accurate Bentley price:

Used Bentley Price Examples

In order to arrive at an accurate car price, you need to look at the Bentley prices in the market and then apply a range of factors including specification, mileage, fuel-type, engine choice and more.

The best way to do this is to use our dedicated price tool. But, below, we provide a quick reference list of typical prices for popular variants of used Bentley.

This can be useful as it shows the range of Bentley prices and illustrates the variation within the current market’s Bentley prices. For more example prices on any of the Bentley models, click the link to that model’s price page.

Bentley Arnage Prices

YearUsed Price / Used Value
2014 Bentley Arnage £59,995
2009 Bentley Arnage £79,033
2008 Bentley Arnage £57,904
2007 Bentley Arnage £50,382
2006 Bentley Arnage £44,361
2005 Bentley Arnage £39,289
2004 Bentley Arnage £35,479
2003 Bentley Arnage £29,267
2002 Bentley Arnage £25,725
2001 Bentley Arnage £24,174

Bentley Continental Prices

YearUsed Price / Used Value
2014 Bentley Continental £137,864
2013 Bentley Continental £112,752
2012 Bentley Continental £105,299
2011 Bentley Continental £86,060
2010 Bentley Continental £79,625
2009 Bentley Continental £68,191
2008 Bentley Continental £52,226
2007 Bentley Continental £47,325
2006 Bentley Continental £38,580
2005 Bentley Continental £34,594

Bentley Turbo R Prices

YearUsed Price / Used Value
2012 Bentley Turbo R £12,995
1997 Bentley Turbo R £17,569
1996 Bentley Turbo R £16,725
1995 Bentley Turbo R £8,135
1994 Bentley Turbo R £16,250
1993 Bentley Turbo R £9,517
1992 Bentley Turbo R £10,384
1991 Bentley Turbo R £13,057
1990 Bentley Turbo R £11,456
1989 Bentley Turbo R £8,372

Accurate used car valuations are important for insurance claims, private re-sale and when buying used cars. Used Car Expert prices provide free used car valuations to help car buyers with buying, selling and insurance disputes. Too many people pay an inflated used car value for a car because it is low mileage, when in fact it is normal mileage for that car, and so a lower used car value would have been fairer. Others are offered a very low car price when making an insurance claim and should use our car prices to robustly defend themselves.

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