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Added: 14 Jan 2010
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CHEVROLET'S bargain-priced Cruze family model could take you into saloon car competition via a new one-make series being organised by Maxtreme, the operation run by former racing driver Paul McMillan.

Together with world touring car driver Rob Huff, Maxtreme is offering private teams and drivers the opportunity to compete in the new series.

'We aim to offer drivers a chance to show their skills in equally matched cars in a fairly high profile series and the fact that the cars are little different to those in the showrooms will make it all the more exciting,' said McMillan.

The Cruze Cup consists of seven rounds of three 20-minute races at circuits across the UK, kicking off at Rockingham, Northants, on the weekend of April 10 and 11. It will be run as part of the Dunlop Sport Maxx cup, meaning the races will be aired on television and will be part of high-profile meetings at various circuits across England and Wales.

Each car will be based on a standard 1.8-litre saloon converted to accommodate racing suspension and bespoke alloy wheels. Mechanically, they will be little different to standard cars, and all Cruzes on the grid will be checked to ensure each vehicle is identical.

Words: Maurice Glover

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