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Added: 03 Dec 2010
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When used car buyer Alice Austin had her car stolen just 4 weeks after purchase, her insurance company tried to pay out just 80% of its real market value.  helped give her the confidence to fight her corner.

According to the BBC One television report, when Ms Austin reported her car stolen, she thought it would only be a matter of time before she was paid out in full by her insurers. However a month went by without a word, so she chased up, to be told that a cheque was being sent for just £6,300. A massive £1,700 less than she had paid just a month before.
Editor of, Matthew Tumbridge commented, “The car Ms Austin had stolen was exactly the kind of car we recommend savvy buyers go for - a 2 year old, 15,000 mile car that felt and looked like new. So to have it stolen so quickly must have been devastating.”
Ms Austin says she was insulted by the insurer’s offer, so turned to the internet and searched various sites for example cars that were a close match to the condition and specification of her stolen car. The insurer meanwhile just seemed to be trying to find the cheapest cars in the area.
Having gone back and fourth twice, arguing about what a fair price should be, Ms Austin told her insurer “The Used Car Expert is the one we should be looking at” and went on to say that she would take her case to the Financial Service Ombudsman if needs be.
Matthew Tumbridge commented, “ If’s price guides and cars for sale section are giving consumers the confidence to fight back against Rip-Off Britain, then I am delighted. Our prices are the only prices based purely on the retail market, and the only prices to use real average mileage rather than assume all cars do 8-10,000 miles a year. That’s what makes them so realistic and we’re delighted to know it is empowering car buyers to be more savvy and get a fair deal. ”
Ms Austin’s insurer eventually paid £1,200 more than they first offered, a figure much nearer the value she paid for the car.

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