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Added: 25 Mar 2009
Last update: 31 Mar 2009


Hello, I hope my question fits in the category of "car-buying" question, if not I apologise.

I've recently viewed a used Jag X-Type, 2002, 2.0 V6 Sport. The HPI check is 100% clear, and the car looks wonderful inside out, but I spot 3 worrying signs:

1) Opening the bonnet, I noticed that the 'inner' paintwork, i.e. the visible body parts near to the engine, are matt and darker than the 'outer' parts, which are of course metallic and glossy. Is this normal in Jaguar X-Types?

2) the HPI report says color = green, but... the car is light blue. Can it be a mistake of the HPI check?

3) The engine didn't start smoothly at first (the seller blamed the battery, as the car had been outside and not used for a while) and the 'engine' led was constantly on (the seller said he would have everything sorted by the nearby Jaguar dealer, before selling it to me).

Apart from these things, the car drives smoothly, accelerates, brakes, etc. perfectly with no strange noise, or smoke or any apparent malfunction.

Am I paranoid, or are mine reasonable concerns?

Thank you very much, regards, Paolo Venturini


Hi Paolo,

You are right to want to clarify these things as they could point to a car that is being dressed up to look better than it really is.

Is it cheaper than our best price? See our price guide.

If it is, then it is worth investigating because you don't want to miss out on a deal.

The engine bay paintwork is probably not be a problem as some X-Types had sound proofing and very little metal work is visible in that compact engine bay. Paint that was visible, was different:

HPI and similar checks can make mistakes, so ask the seller for the names and numbers of the dealers that have serviced the car, including at least 1 main dealer. Call these garages, especially the main dealer and speak to the service department. They should be able to tell you the original colour and if they have completed any repairs that are related to the potential problems you have seen. This will either highlight a problem or put your mind at ease.

Make sure the car is M.O.T.'d before you take delivery and pay as part of the deal too. That should ensure that everything gets spotted.

If it isn't, then why not just buy another one that doesn't have anything suspicious?



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