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Added: 22 Jan 2008
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What they said when the Mitsubishi Shogun was new… (Jan 16 2002)

AS time rolls under wheels, you can appreciate more than ever what value for money is the Mitsubishi Shogun V6 Elegance Auto.

The market for luxury offroaders has steadily moved up in price and while the Shogun has also risen it has not been by so much as its rivals.

Now there is a discernible difference between the mighty Mitsubishi and its competitors, and the Shogun is looking like very good value in this sector.

At £33,995, the 3.5 litre powered Elegance comes with a thinking automatic transmission which can be used as if it’s a manual box with range and drive change, easy steering and powerful brakes.

It handles like a family saloon but offers more comfort than many luxury cars and above all it imparts a tremendous feeling of security thanks to its high driving position.

The 200bhp engine smoothly delivered its power from low speed and there was a lot of mid-range punch and it cruised effortlessly at the legal limit. Figures suggest it will reach 60mph in 12.5 seconds and run to 115mph while I achieved approximately 22mpg overall.

It is a big vehicle and weighs over 4,600LB, so you could expect those sort of figures, but it handled well and despite the body roll it stuck onto the road with confidence thanks to its very wide track and tyres.

Standard equipment included big alloys, coloured body kit, tinted glass, powered windows and mirrors, two air conditioning systems, sophisticated security, sound system and a comprehensive navigation aid. The seven seats come with leather upholstery and a comprehensive adjustment range.

The comfort of the seats was a good match to the suspension and there were few potholes which were felt in the cabin.

Room was generous throughout and the huge back door opened to reveal a big, flat floor under which the rearmost seats were stowed. Luggage space was excellent.

All noise levels were low even when the engine was under load and you could use the riding height of the Shogun to advantage thanks to its good all round visibility.

Off road, the V6 responses were excellent and its smooth power delivery was ideal while its ground clearance and traction meant that there was little chance of it becoming stuck.

The Mitsubishi Shogun V6 Elegance is not only impressive, it's inspiring, and makes a mockery of more expensive competitors.

Words: Robin Roberts


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