Mitsubishi Shogun Warrior 3.2 DI-D - MITSUBISHI SHOGUN Car Review


Added: 31 Mar 2004
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NEVER was a 4X4 more aptly named than this muscular on/off roader.

On a car park it stands head and shoulders above other vehicles, almost Goliath-like in its stature, and when you start it, it has a growl like an angry tiger.

I guess most people either love or hate vehicles like this, but for those who fall into the first category - and that's me - the good news is that the latest Shogun UK model range climbs to new heights in terms of specification, refinement and value for money.

Since its introduction 21 years ago - is it really that long? - the Mitsubishi Shogun has become a benchmark for the 4X4 sector, so the latest models have a lot to live up to, in order to continue to set the standard to which others aspire.

The 2004 range comprises 13 variations based on three-door short wheelbase and five-door long wheelbase body styles.

There are five levels of specification which feature two engine types, the 3.2 direction injection engine and the 3.5-litre gasoline direct injection V6 powerplant.

Mitsubishi's innovative INVECS-11 learning five-speed automatic transmission, with its 'sports mode' clutchless manual shift facility, is fitted as standard to the Elegance and Warrior editions and the automatic versions of both Equippe models and the LWB Classic.

The most important attribute of the 2004 Shogun is the inclusion of Mitsubishi's state-of-the-art M-ASTC - Mitsubishi Active Stability and Traction Control - across all models. This unique system delivers maximum control whatever the driving conditions.

A significant modification to the 2004 Shoguns is also that of the price. Refreshingly, although the level of equipment has increased throughout the range, a revised pricing structure ensures that customers will get more for their money, whatever model they choose.

I drove the flagship of the Shogun fleet, the bold and well-equipped Shogun Warrior. Frankly, it's not a vehicle you enjoy driving if you're trying to park it in a tight multi-storey car park.

But on the open road or out in the country it comes into it's own. It's high specification and tough looks emphasis it's important position in the 4X4 market.

Price wise, the good news is that for the 2004 model year, the price of the LWB Warrior remains the same as before at £32,499.

But with the latest model you do get a host of extras including M-ASTC, a 10 CD autochanger and 'Smartnav' all fitted as standard.

Alongside the Warrior sits it's equally well-appointed stablemate, the Shogun Elegance which also remains at its 2003 price of £32,499.

The Warrior aims to provide owners with all the rugged off-road ability they will need, but also combine plenty of style and comfort. For all its tough looks, once you're inside, the vast cabin is very comfortable. And of course, you are seated in a lofty position, with fabulous vision all around.

Annoyingly, when my test vehicle was parked on the roadside, the alarm repeatedly went off as other vehicles passed it, but I am sure that was an on-off fault which would be rectified by a little fine-tuning.

There was no doubting the power of it's engine, with the 3.2-litre DI-D benefiting from Mitsubishi's Direct Injection Technology. This is designed to provide more power, better fuel economy and lower emissions than other engines of a similar size.


Mitsubishi Shogun Warrior 3.2 DI-D Auto

Price: £32,499

Mechanical: 162bhp, 3,200cc, 4cyl diesel engine driving all 4 wheels via automatic gearbox

Max speed: 106mph

0-62mph: 13.8 secs

Combined mpg: 26.9

Insurance group: 16

CO2 emissions: 278g/km

BiK rating: 35%

Warranty: 3yrs/ unlimited miles;3yrs paint; 6yrs anti-rust

Words: Andy Richards