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Added: 21 Jan 2008
Last update: 21 Jan 2008


I have been offered a Nissan X-trail, it’s a 2.2 dci, sport 05/55 reg, it has 17,000miles on the clock and it has the oil weep at the left front like the Used Car Expert guides say they can suffer from. The seller said it is covered under the Nissan warranty which still has 15 months to run, at this low price on low mileage is this still a good buy? Will is still be ok to use the vehicle with the oil leek on the oil cooler until its next service in September?
Alan Mann



Alan, a minor oil weep is not usually something to panic about. But if the car is under warranty, it is not something to leave either. Any leak can have knock-on effects and so the quicker it is repaired the better.

The repair will be free so I have to wonder why the seller has not had the car repaired before selling it. It would be easier to sell the car at top price once repaired. This seems a little suspicious. I would ask to see it repaired before buying it, or at the very least call the garages that have worked on it and sold it to see whether they know why the seller has not bothered getting the repair completed.



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