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Added: 28 Feb 2010
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My parents are aged 87 and 86 and now quite doddery.

Dad has just driven his car into the back wall of the garage and written it off.

He needs a new car which is easy to get into and out of has simple controls has good all round visibility, plus it needs to be an automatic.

Any advice welcome.



I normally provide a range of ideas, but i feel pasionately about this one. The answer is Peugeot 107. It comes in 5 door and automatic. It can handle motorways if it has to, but clearly that's not what it is designed for as it is one of the smallest cars on the market.

The big door frame provides a big space to get in through and the doors are light. The car is very basic, so the controls are simple and easy to see. It is small, but with big windows. so you can see all around very easily.

1 year old models with low mileage are around £9,000, 2 year old versions about £6,000.

Here is some more information on it:

It is basically the same car as a Toyota Aygo and Citroen C1. Find Peugeot 107s for sale here.


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