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What they said when the Peugeot 107 was new… (Jul 22 2005)

CHEEKY, loud and good fun to drive - that's Peugeot's new baby 107.

Add to that a price of £7,345 and fuel consumption on a run of almost 70 miles per gallon and it's not hard to see why this little car is already proving so popular.

The 107 is one of the nicest little packages to hit the road in a long time and even though I was a little dubious about its size at first it was certainly a car which grew on me during the week I drove it.

In fact in the case of the 107 size really doesn't matter. When you are in the driving seat you tend not to even notice that this is the smallest car from Peugeot - and its cheekiest in appearance.

Certainly when I drove it the little car attracted a lot of looks and it's the radical styling that is one of the features that is going to make it a sales success.

That bug-eyed front, the all glass hatchback and the rear doors which go right up to the back lights all combine to make it a very futuristic and desirable package.

The 107 is manufactured in the Czech Republic and is one of three similar cars being made at the same factory, the others coming from Toyota and Peugeot's sister company Citroen.

And while all three share the same engine and body shell they all look somewhat different and have their own distinct characteristics.

Despite only having a one-litre engine the 107 is pretty lively and there is never any problem keeping up with city traffic or even motorway traffic for that matter, although the small engine size does become more obvious if you have three or four passengers in the car.

If you really do need to make fast progress you have to wind up the revs but this little car is not afraid of red lining when necessary, although to be fair that is rarely needed.

The 107 has a delightfully smooth gearbox and its electric power steering is very positive and almost as direct as that of a go-kart.

This pin sharp steering not only makes it highly manoeuvrable in city traffic but makes parking a cinch, especially as this car is some 25cm shorter than the Peugeot 106 that it replaces.

Despite its lack of size the 107 is a good four seater with a sensible, although not massive amount of legroom in the rear.

The only area which is lacking in size is the boot, which will just about handle a good sized weekly shop. But then this is a city car and the split rear seat backs fold down so if you have a couple of large suitcases all is not lost.

Inside it's bright, futuristic and everything falls easily to hand. The speedometer dominates the dashboard and my test car had a rev counter which was an optional extra but at the surprisingly reasonable price of £50. This attaches to the speedo like a pod rather than being fitted as an integral part of the dashboard.

A stereo radio/CD player is a standard fit as are electric windows in the front and side hinged windows in the rear.

Visibility all round is excellent, which is just what you need in a city car destined to do battle daily with the growing number of vehicles on our roads.

Strangely enough even though the same engine powers the 107's sister cars - the Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo - Peugeot claim its car has the highest top speed of 100mph. That's 4mph faster than the C1 and 2mph faster than the Aygo.

On paper the 107 will hit 62mph in just over 14 seconds, although to be fair in practice it felt quicker.

With all four wheels about as far as they will go into the corners the 107 enjoys excellent road holding for such a small car and even though there is some whirring from the small engine it is never intrusive.

Overall this little car is one it is hard not to like. It is bright, youthful and ideal for the young and young at heart.

And with such brilliant fuel consumption I found myself asking after a week of living with it why anyone without a large family really does need anything larger.

Words: Edward Stephens


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