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Added: 19 Feb 2008
Last update: 12 Mar 2008


my 1989 R5 that ive just bought has a problem that when ive started it it will keep on revving up and won't idle I've had a look to see if anything is sticking but doesn't look like it.

The old owner told me this happened when another buyer went out in it. He floored it and suddenly it wouldnt stop reving.

Dosent look like the throttle is sticking which i thought it was because cable is al the way back in.Hope you can shed some light on this. Thanks.


I’m assuming that you bought it privately, in which case you usually have very few rights. However, one of the very few comebacks you do have, is if the seller knowingly concealed a fault with the car. The seller clearly knew about this fault and if he didn’t tell you about it before you bought the car, you have every right to take the car back and demand a refund. If he told you about it and you bought the car anyway, or he’s a lot bigger than you and has some threatening friends, or you are in love with the colour of the car and want to keep it anyway, you’ll have to figure out what is wrong with it. 

You don’t say petrol or diesel, but if it’s diesel, check the oil level and the breathing system in case it is sucking oil into the inlet manifold and running on that. If it is, the engine will fairly soon blow itself to bits. So, it’s a good idea to get it sorted out. If all this is ok, it could be an internal problem with the injection pump, which is likely to be expensive, so do consider whether you really want to keep the car or take it back.

If it’s petrol, it will be something to do with the throttle, even if the cable isn’t sticking. Take the air inlet pipe off the throttle house and make sure the throttle plate itself is closing properly, then have a look at the idle bypass valve in case that is sticking.

As a guide, if the throttle plate and the inside of the throttle housing looks pretty gummed up, it could well be the idle speed control valve sticking, I which case a good thorough strip down clean with carburettor cleaner could well solve the problem.

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