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Added: 19 Feb 2008
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I own a renault Megane 1.4 16v Authentique on a 51 plate. I am currently experiencing problems with both of the rear passenger doors, as they will not open. Firstly the drivers side rear door failed to open and that has now been followed by the passengers rear door failing to open. They will not open from the inside either. Please can you help,as my M.O.T is due shortly. Kind Regards Stephen Clark


There are no reported problems with the Megane doors, but make sure the locks are coming to the fully unlocked position, especially if you are using the remote to open the car. Pull the buttons up to their full height. Other than that, if you cannot open the doors, you cannot get the door panels off to see what is wrong, so I’m afraid it is back to a garage who can struggle on your behalf (and sadly, and your expense.)

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