Skoda Yeti 2.0 TDI CR Elegance - SKODA YETI Car Review


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ONE part of the car market which is the focus of attention at the moment is the crossover vehicle – a mix of 4x4 sports utility vehicle and hatchback.

The demand for such cars is driven by the need for more environmental awareness and a reluctance to give up the benefits that a 4x4 brings.

Up to now there has been a clear leader of the pack the Nissan Qashqai but this model, named after nomadic desert wanderers is being stalked by a powerful contender from the icy Himalayas – the Yeti.

The Yeti is built by Skoda and provides an interesting mix of options. In addition to useful petrol or diesel engine choices it also offers a model in two-wheel-drive only for those who like its looks and usefulness but just do not want all-wheel-drive

I drove a 2.0 TDI CR 170bhp 4x4 manual version of the Yeti and it was a true eye-opener into just how the crossover was developing.

Flexible seating arrangements, high driving position and bold styling are the key factors - the rugged stance of the Yeti combining well with the latest Skoda frontal design.

The Yeti first showed its face as a concept at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show before making its world debut in production form in March this year.

And it is a true modern Skoda being completely designed, detailed and engineered by ŠkodaAuto at the Design and Technical Centre in Mlada Boleslav.

Strong, distinctive design is a core Škoda value and the company's cars have been a smash hit in the UK – a far cry from the sad cars the old Skoda company turned out in the Cold War years.

The ‘best of both worlds’ approach that typifies the Yeti’s exterior design is continued inside. Engineered to make the most of the car’s exceptional interior space, the cabin delivers all the qualities demanded by families on the move.

Probably the most interesting feature of the Yeti is its variable seating arrangement for rear seat passengers. The system allows the seats to be moved forwards, backwards, reclined individually, rolled up or completely removed. This allows rear seat passengers to find the most comfortable seating position while maximising the load space in the boot of the car.

What’s more, those riding in the back have a great view out thanks to seat bases that are mounted 20mm higher than those in the front. A feature more commonly associated with high-end SUVs.

One option on this car was a stunning electrically operated panoramic sunroof bringing additional light, air and a true feeling of space into the cabin. At £870 on top of the basic price of £22,640, this feature was well worth the outlay.

At 4.2 metres long, Yeti is big enough to package a family on the move, yet is easy to park and manoeuvre in tight spaces. It’s also a wide car, based on the modified platform structure of the Octavia Scout.

With exceptional economy credentials this Skoda is living proof that there are going to be very many sightings of the Yeti on Britain's roads.


Skoda Yeti 2.0 TDI CR Elegance

Price: £22,640

Mechanical: 170bhp, 1,968cc, 4cyl diesel engine driving four wheels via 6-speed manual gearbox

Max speed: 125mph

0-62mph: 8.4 seconds

Combined mpg: 46.3

Insurance group: 19

CO2 emissions:159g/km

BIK rating: 23%

Warranty: 3yrs/ 60,000 miles


Words: Ian Johnson

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