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Used Car Expert helps you navigate through buying, selling and owning a safe, reliable, great value used car.

Used Cars for Sale

Today's best used car deals by price drop...

No other car advice site has the same combination of used cars for sale as Used Car Expert. So even if you have used another classified website recently, you should browse our used cars for sale.

Plus we highlight which of our used cars for sale are from good dealers and trusted sellers, to highlight the cars that are more likely to be good value, reliable and stress-free purchases.

We also have one of the most flexible used cars for sale search tools of any site, to allow you to hone down your search to precisely the used car you want.

Car Reviews & News

We have articles from a small army of car journalists all over the country. They represent a broad cross section of drivers from grand parents through to 'boy racers.'

We drive all the different variants of every major car to provide you with a broad selection of advice on what a car is like to live with.

Search our knowledgebase and browse our review and advice pages for the latest car reviews: [articleslist]

Key facts & figures

Running Costs

Before you buy a new car it is a good idea to ensure you can afford the running costs. So we provide all the key figures on running costs such as the insurance group, mpg (miles per gallon), C02/Kg which relates to the car tax rate you will pay.


You may also want to know that it will drive and perform in a way that suits your driving style and needs, so we tell you the max speed (top speed), the bhp (brake horse power), torque, wheel and brake sizes and all the other performance figures you need.

Shapes & sizes

Will it fit in the garage? We tell you the height, width and length. Will it tow the caravan? We tell you the kerb weight and engine sizes. Will your family fit in? We tell you the number of seats, the number of doors, the size of the boot with the seats up and the volume with the seats down.

In short, if you want a car fact, we have it.
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Used Car Prices

Used Car Expert has the UK’s most accurate and useful used car price tool.

Before you buy a used car, you should check the price and mileage using our price tool because it will help you establish if the mileage is average for the car, if the price guide graph price is high or low, if the heaviest depreciation has been paid by previous owners or if you are at risk of losing a lot of money over the year ahead.

Our car price tool uses a unique car pricing algorithm and hundreds of thousands of lines of data, scaling factors and real-world checks to ensure you get a fair deal on your used car.

Good time to buy or sell?

Check the supply & demand of your car

Fault-check guides

Before you buy used car there are almost always common faults or wear items that you should check for. Our unique research programme keeps us on top of the faults, recalls and expensive service items that you should avoid or prepare for.

Our three-stage process makes it easy (even if you know nothing about cars) to spot all of these potential used car problems.

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