Example case studies

To illustrate how changing just one factor can dramatically affect a premium, we used a hypothetical case of a 21-year old female 2002 Ford Ka owner, living in medium-risk Hove, East Sussex.

Our mythical driver had been driving for four years, with three years' NCB, so her premium would be £716 - an equivalent male driver would pay £914 however.

Meanwhile, swapping the Ka for a 1999 Rover 218 takes the premium to £1277.70 - or £1613 for the male driver.

Next we looked at a 45-year old property developer, also living in Hove and driving a 2006 Ford Focus LX. Covering 5000 miles annually, he has a £200 excess, five years' NCB and leaves his car parked on the street. His premium is £268.41, but if we then tinker with these factors:

  • Add two claims and remove any NCB entitlement, the premium becomes £702
  • Add a speeding conviction the premium becomes £301.92
  • Add in a conviction for mobile phone use and the premium is £355.78
  • Add a teenage second driver the premium is £1445.09
  • Make the car a Porsche Boxster and the premium becomes £562.31
  • Increase the excess to £500 and the premium drops to £251.22
  • Protect the NCB and the premium becomes £295.17
  • Change the occupation to working in the motor trade (high risk) and the premium is £313.17
  • Make the home address Toxteth in Liverpool (high risk) and the premium jumps to £435.20
  • Make the driver an 18-year old male and the premium increases to £2,821

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