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Accurate Used Car Prices

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Our used car valuations are based on a unique car pricing algorithm and hundreds of thousands of lines of data, scaling factors and real-world car price checks.

This allows us to accurately gauge the spread of used car prices in UK car dealers.

Our used car value system takes into account real average mileage in a way that no other used car valuations do. This is crucial to the effectiveness of our used car price guide.

Too many people pay an inflated price for a car because it is low mileage, when in fact it is normal mileage for that car, and so a lower value would have been fairer.

The other element that Used Car Expert uniquely takes into account is regional variation in used values, which can outweigh the other car valuation factors. Regional used values are only available to registered users.

You need to be a registered user to see our regional prices and to see a ‘best’ or ‘trade’ used car price.

Used Car Price Average Trend by Region in the UK

Used Car Price Average in the UK

Used Car Price National Average Movement

Used Car Price Movements
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