Trade or 'rush sale' price

The three prices shown online are the current market asking prices in main dealers, independent garages and for private sales where the seller is not in a rush and knows the value of their car.

If you want to know the price you can expect to pay when buying at auctions (as the trade do) then we provide that to our registered users - it is called the 'best' price.

This is also a good guide to the value of a car that has proven to be hard to sell and so, as pressure to sell mounts, has become a 'rush' sale.

For example, you will often see that very common cars will have a top value in dealerships, but if you ask the dealer to buy the same car from you (even as a part exchange) they will offer something nearer our trade price.

This is because they know it will be hard to sell and there are lots on the market. Private sellers of common cars will get little interest if they ask for a top price, then end up needing to sell their car quickly and have to drop the price to our trade or 'rush' price. We advise sellers not to be greedy but price their car, according to condition between our private and fair guide prices.


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