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Find common fault checklists for car buying

Our buyers guides also list faults, but these are verified by mechanics in our research program who work on the specific make and model everyday, as being common problems to look out for when buying a car.

We recommend that the combination of standard checks and common fault checks listed in the buyers guide is a practical way to ensure the car you are buying is in good condition. Click here to find all the common faults for your car.

Who is the forum for?

The Used Car Expert forum is for you to describe any faults you are experiencing with your cars, so that both our experts and members of the public (who may have had the same problem) can try to help you…

Find help with your car faults

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The faults in the forum may be unique to that car or person.

You should not infer anything about a car's reliability from the forum, nor is it advisable to base car buying decisions on information in the forum.

Find advice on what to buy, car stats, prices

If you want non-technical car advice of any sort, then you should search our knowledgebase and stats section where you can search for information about a specific car, what car you should buy, how to handle a dispute with a seller or a garage and more…

You can also post car-buying questions in the knowledgebase and our experts will give you their advice.

For used car prices, valuations and depreciation, visit our pricing section.

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